Post-launch notes


Well, we’ve launched, and we couldn’t be happier with the feedback we’ve been getting!

We’ve come across more than a hundred posts about EveryBlock on blogs, forums and other various Web sites, the vast majority of which have been extremely positive. We’ve gotten flooded with great feedback via e-mail, too — if you sent something in and haven’t heard back from us yet, please know that we’re working on responding to each one.

Here’s a sample of the coverage:

Al Tompkins from the Poynter Institute interviewed me yesterday. There, you can read a little bit more about how we run the site, and what we’re trying to do.

You can drink from the full fire-hose of coverage by visiting Technorati or Google Blog Search.

Also, we’d like to post some updates about some of the common feedback we’ve gotten:

RSS feeds

By far, the most commonly requested feature so far has been RSS feeds for neighborhoods and ZIP codes. We already have RSS feeds for every block page — e.g., 473-493 Kent Ave. in Brooklyn — but we haven’t yet implemented feeds for neighborhoods or ZIP codes. Neighborhoods and ZIP codes feature a bit more information on EveryBlock, so we’re trying to think of a way to engineer our feeds so that the information is freshly updated but doesn’t overwhelm you. Let us know if you have any ideas.

We aim to have these feeds up and running by the end of the week.

Neighborhood boundaries

We’ve received reports of some neighborhood names and boundaries being off. We expected this would happen, given that neighborhood boundaries are fluid, varying based on whom you talk to — but in some cases our boundaries could be improved in a fair manner.

The names and boundaries on EveryBlock come from official government sources, with some additions and tweaks we’ve made on our own. We’re continuing to tweak these as we get feedback — and we might even add a tool that lets you specify which neighborhood best defines a given address. Please continue to contact us with specific neighborhood examples if we’re significantly off-base.

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