Quick update about site connectivity problems


A number of you reported to us that you couldn’t access the site
at various times this week.

First of all, thank you! We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to communicate with us,
even if it is about something going wrong. Secondly, we did indeed
experience an outage, due to a network-level error beyond our
control. (For the geeks in the house, our DNS provider, GoDaddy,
mysteriously introduced some DNS-resolution issues. We changed
to another provider as soon as we realized it was a
problem.) We apologize for the outage. Unfortunately, it takes a
bit of time for that change to make its way around the Internet.

According to our traffic statistics, most of you weren’t affected. For
some of you — especially, it seems, Comcast customers (as a Comcast
subscriber at home, I experienced it) — EveryBlock was intermittently
unavailable starting Monday evening through yesterday morning.

If you’re still seeing any problems with the site loading or anything
EB-related at all, or you just want to leave us a friendly note,
you can always hit us at our feedback address, feedback at everyblock.com.

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Comments are closed

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