‘Why is my San Francisco street being torn up?’


We’ve added excavation permits as a new type of information on EveryBlock San Francisco. At face value, that doesn’t sound horribly exciting, but it’s quite interesting and valuable information, answering the question “Why are people tearing up my street?”

One interesting aspect of this information is that an excavation permit applies to particular section of roads and/or intersections — for example, “Bryant St from 22nd St to 23rd St” — and our site accounts for that. Not only does this mean that the maps are highly detailed (see the screenshot at right), but it also means that you’ll see relevant excavation permits near you if any particular section of the excavated road is near you.

The information comes from the San Francisco Department of Public Works, and we’ll be updating it on a periodic basis. Read more in our explanation, and dive in by visiting the main excavation permits page.

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