New feature: Change the search radius around your block


On EveryBlock, we get incredibly granular — every block, such as the 800 block of South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, has its own page with the latest news around that block. But even at the block level, the amount of information we publish can be overwhelming.

Today, we launched a feature that helps you focus on the news that’s nearest you: each block page now lets you specify the radius of news that you’re interested in. Choose either 1 block, 3 blocks or 8 blocks, and our system will filter your news to fit within those areas. You might find this feature especially useful if you live in a dense and busy part of the city.

The customizable radius is also available within specific categories of information, such as restaurant inspections around 133 3rd St. in San Francisco, and, similarly, on the map views.

Note that the size of a block varies across cities, so the “1 block,” “3 block” and “8 block” designations are an approximation. Also, our e-mail alerts and RSS feeds aren’t yet configurable; they’re using the (previously default) 8 block radius.

What do you think? If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this new feature, drop us a line at feedback at or by using the feedback form at the bottom of every EveryBlock page.

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