New data: New York property sales


We’ve added our very first batch of real estate data to EveryBlock: New York property sales.

Using data from the city’s Department of Finance, we’ve given it the full EveryBlock treatment, making it browsable by sale date, by neighborhood, by borough, by ZIP code, by building class, by building class category and even by year built. As with all EveryBlock’s public records, we also offer a custom filter that lets you mix and match search criteria, and, of course, property sales now show up on your block and neighborhood news pages, alongside everything else we publish.

The data is updated on a monthly basis. This is significantly less frequent than some of the other information we publish, but we’re limited by the data-release schedule of the Department of Finance. If you have access to other sources of real estate data in New York, Chicago or San Francisco, please get in touch by e-mailing feedback at We’d love to add it to the mix.

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