Custom filter now has text search and address search


We’ve added two much-requested features to our custom filter pages: text search and address/block range search.

Custom filter pages (example), the data-lover’s dream, let you mix and match search criteria for any data type in any of our cities. For example, check out the custom filter for San Francisco building permits, which lets you ask questions such as which San Francisco theaters have received demolition permits?

We’ve had custom filter pages since we launched two months ago, but we just added two key improvements:

  • Each custom filter page now has an “Address” filter, which lets you limit the results to those near a particular address.
  • Some types of information, such as Chicago business licenses, now offer a text search. In the case of business licenses, you can search for a business by name.

We’ve got more custom-filter improvements coming, too. Stay tuned, and contact us if you have any suggestions.

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