Two new EveryBlock cities are live


We’ve launched two new EveryBlock cities: Charlotte and Philadelphia.

For those of you who live (or have friends/family) in our new cities, please check ’em out and spread the word! And for anybody else, here are some highlights:

  • New library items — We’re experimenting with this fun new data type on EveryBlock Charlotte. If you live near a library, your EveryBlock block/neighborhood page will include books and DVDs that have recently been added to your local library’s collection. It’s a nice reminder of all the interesting items available to you.
  • Charlotte city council meeting minutes, Charlotte zoning minutes, Philadelphia Rules committee agendas and Philadelphia Streets and Services agendas — We’re analyzing the text of these meeting minutes/agendas for all locations referenced therein. If the city council or rules committee mentions something near you, you’ll see it on your EveryBlock page. This is often highly relevant local information about zoning changes, etc.
  • Police calls for service — Interestingly, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department publishes all recent calls to 911 that have been dispatched to a CMPD officer in the Charlotte area. We’ve added those to the mix.
  • Significant police events — These are police events that the CMPD characterizes as “significant.” One interesting thing here is that they include a narrative of each event, so you can read about what happened beyond the raw data.
  • Serious crimes in Philadelphia — Thanks to data from the Philadelphia Police Department, we’re publishing every serious crime reported in the city, with locations mapped to the block level.

Thanks to all of the government officials and various contacts who helped us put these sites together! And, of course, there’s much more to come.

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