Redesign of section pages


Following our recent city homepage redesign, we’ve redesigned our section pages (e.g., Chicago crime).

Here’s what it used to look like:

Old screenshot

And here’s the new design:

New screenshot

The main changes are: explanatory text at the top, easier-to-use navigation along the left side, more information in less space and a general look-and-feel that’s more consistent with our new city homepages.

This new design also clears up a slightly confusing part of our old design, where half of the page’s statistics referred to the last 30 days’ worth of data and the other half referred to the entirety of EveryBlock’s data. Now, all of the statistics on the page describe the last 30 days’ worth of available data. Information on other date ranges is available by clicking the “Combine search criteria” link under “Custom filter” toward the upper left.

Look for us to continue this design pattern throughout other parts of the site. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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