New on EveryBlock: New York City Street condition reports


In our new street condition reports section, we publish all reports made by the Street Condition Observation Unit of the Mayor’s Office of Operations in New York.

Launched in September 2008, the NYC*SCOUT system is a great resource for seeing a snapshot of current street conditions near a single address. On EveryBlock, you can see thousands of reports out of this system sorted by agency, by complaint type and by status. You can see failed street repairs, dangling street signs, and even — for the first time in any EveryBlock city — potholes.

Keep in mind that this is not every pothole or condition of its kind in the city of New York. This data set only includes reports from the NYC*SCOUT team, with a limited number of city employees patrolling the streets to inform city agencies of issues that should be corrected. Read more about street condition data on EveryBlock.

We’re proud of this data on EveryBlock, because it allows New Yorkers to see data from a closed, single-purpose system in context with other news near them. So now you can see that the city issued a building permit and discovered a pothole on the same day on the same block. The more data municipalities provide to citizens, the more that we can do on EveryBlock.

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