New feature: Go back in time for your block


We’ve added a useful new feature to our block and neighborhood pages: now, you can click back through our archives of what’s happened around your block in the past.

Our place pages (example) have always shown you a basic timeline of what’s happened around your immediate area recently — but this timeline has only shown the last couple days’ worth of news, and there hasn’t been a way to view previous EveryBlock news beyond that. Now, each place page has a link to “Older news,” so you can page through the news archives to your heart’s content. You can go back as far as you want; the only limit is our availability of information, which differs depending on the city and type of information.

We’d already offered date/archive searches within the scope of particular types of information — for example, see the date searches on the left side of the page for New York sign permit actions or Chicago locations mentioned in the media — but this new feature allows you to go back in time to see everything for a particular location in one place. The serendipity of seeing the variety of news items together is one of the great joys of our site.

This new feature helps you research particular blocks you’re considering moving to, or just catch up on your local news if you haven’t checked EveryBlock for a few days. Let us know what you think at feedback [at], or by using the feedback form at the bottom of each EveryBlock page.

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