EveryBlock works with New York Times to expand NYC site


We’re excited to announce a collaboration with The New York Times and a new section on EveryBlock New York City: political news items.

One of our goals at EveryBlock is to notify you when local news sites or blogs mention something in your neighborhood. This far, we’ve focused on specific addresses and places, which you can see in our “locations in the media” section. There, we catalog local news coverage to figure out which articles mention which particular places.

Now, we’re taking this philosophy further by applying it to local elected representatives. This new section, “political news items,” notifies you whenever your local elected representatives — such as your city councilman or state assemblyman — are mentioned in The New York Times.

Here’s an example of what this might look like, from the EveryBlock page for 170 5th Ave. in Manhattan:


This is made possible by a collaboration between EveryBlock and The New York Times, whose excellent Represent site catalogs Times news coverage by elected representative. The Times makes its data available to us so that it can get added to the local news mix on EveryBlock.

Enjoy the new feature, and, as always, let us know if you have any ideas for more local information to add to our site by e-mailing feedback at everyblock.com.

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