San Francisco police calls are back


Starting last week, we began hearing from users in San Francisco noting that their EveryBlock pages and e-mail alerts no longer included police calls. We investigated and found out our data source had stopped updating around March 3. We got in touch with Lieutenant Greg Yee of the San Francisco Police Department, and he looked into it.

They were able to fix the feed in short order, and we again have an uninterrupted record of San Francisco police calls on EveryBlock. We appreciate the quick work of Lt. Yee and the SFPD.

One thing casual EveryBlock users might not know is that we work to develop and maintain good relationships with government agencies in all of the cities we cover. In this case, we had worked with the department for more than a year before they created a public data feed, and we’re glad we were able to notify them about the issue as soon as we found out.

Thanks to everyone who contacted us. You may have noticed a plethora of police calls in your e-mails this afternoon, but fret not — it’s just catch-up!

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