New iPhone app version


A new version of the EveryBlock iPhone app is now available.

Although we’ve made a number of small tweaks to the app since originally releasing it in April, this is the first major upgrade. Here’s what’s new in this version:

Ability to bookmark locations

Click the plus icon at the bottom of a location’s page to bookmark the location for later. You can give it a nickname like “Home” or “Work.”

To access your bookmarks, choose your city and click the blue icon that looks like an open book. (This is the same icon used for bookmarks in the iPhone’s standard map application.)

Quick access to previously viewed locations

The app now keeps track of the locations you view, so you can easily return to them later. Choose your city and click the blue icon that looks like an open book, then click “Recent” at the bottom.

Ability to change search radius for blocks

Block searches now work as they do on our Web site, in that you can change the search radius to one block, three blocks or eight blocks. (Previously, the iPhone app only allowed an eight-block radius.)

Easier navigation on neighborhood list

The neighborhood list now includes an index for browsing by first letter (as in the iPhone’s Contacts app).

Support for landscape mode in the Web browser

Just rotate your phone to view Web pages in landscape mode.

Faster performance

We’ve added a bunch of caching and sped up other bits of the application.

For screenshots of these new features, check out our updated iPhone app page. If you’re already using the app, visit the App Store on your phone or computer to get the free upgrade.

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