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Today we’ve launched a new way of diving into EveryBlock’s local news: by individual street address.

Previously, the most granular way to view information on our site was by city block, with a one-block radius. Enter an address, then click the “1 block” link near the top of the page, and you get a page devoted to that small area of the city (example). But even this intense level of granularity didn’t cut it for some people, particularly researcher-types who were wanting to get historical information on a particular building, or people who live in very large buildings where lots of things happen.

Starting today, if you search EveryBlock for an address, you’ll still get the block page as before, but, if we have news available for that specific address, you’ll see a new link to “Show news only for” that address:

Screenshot of link

Click that link, and you’ll get a page devoted to the exact address you searched for, with whatever news we’ve found there.

For example, here’s the page for 900 N. Michigan Ave. in Chicago — a skyscraper that contains condos, an upscale shopping mall and a medical clinic, among other things. You can see that we find news at that address almost every day, from a building permit for a new leather glove retail kiosk in the ground floor atrium, to frequent references in the newspapers, to restaurant inspections at the many restaurants in the building. It’s like a city within a city, and we’re happy it finally has its own page on EveryBlock.

Just as with neighborhoods, ZIP codes or blocks, you can sign up for daily/weekly e-mail alerts or a customizable RSS feed for addresses.

Note that we’ve only activated these address-specific pages for addresses at which at least one thing has happened in our database of news. In other words, if you search for an address and you don’t see the “Show news only for…” link, that means we haven’t found anything specifically at that address since we launched EveryBlock in your city. But as soon as something happens there, a page will be created for that address automatically.

Give the new feature a spin and let us know what you think at

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