Timeline redesigned for improving timeliness


We’ve just launched a redesign of our place pages that helps put a focus on the timeliness of our information.

Screenshot of old design A fair amount of the news we publish is updated throughout the day — but our previous design didn’t make that very obvious. Previously, our place pages grouped news together by day (“New on EveryBlock today”), and it grouped each item within a particular day by the type of information (photos vs. crimes, etc.). For people coming back to our site more than once a day, this made it hard to separate the new stuff from the stuff you’ve already read.

Screenshot of new design Today, we’ve launched a redesign of those pages so that they’re much more time-focused. Now, the pages always display the latest news at the top, with the rest in reverse-chronological order. Each group of items tells you how many minutes or hours ago it was posted. We’ve been loving this feature as we’ve been building it — it definitely makes the site feel more dynamic and constantly updated.

Note that this change won’t affect our RSS feeds or e-mail alerts, both of which still group news as they did before.

This is one of a number of changes we’ve been making recently to become more of an up-to-the-moment news source for your neighborhood. Stay tuned for more.

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