‘As it happens’ e-mail alerts


We’ve just made two big improvements to our e-mail alert system.

First, we improved the signup options to give you more power and granularity in signing up for alerts. Previously, you would select a location (such as your neighborhood or block), select the types of information you wanted to receive (such as crime, restaurant inspections, etc.) and select a frequency for your e-mail (either daily or weekly). Now, you can specify the frequency for each type of information. So, for example, you can specify you want to receive crime alerts daily but photo alerts only weekly. (Technically, this was possible before, but you had to sign up for multiple alerts, which was cumbersome.)

Second, we’ve added a new type of alert — “as it happens.” If you sign up for an “as it happens” alert, you’ll get an e-mail as soon as information is published in your neighborhood, without having to wait until the next day’s e-mail. This works with our new signup options mentioned above, so that you can receive as-it-happens alerts for announcements, comments and other time-sensitive neighborhood news while keeping other information to a daily or weekly e-mail. These alerts are much more useful for certain types of information, like neighborhood announcements, that might be outdated by the time they appear in the next daily e-mail.

Here’s what the new signup interface looks like:

Screenshot of signup interface

As before, you can sign up for these e-mail alerts by clicking “E-mail alerts” in the upper right of any block/neighborhood/ZIP page on EveryBlock.

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