Results of the EveryBlock user survey


A few months ago, we wanted to learn more about our users, so we conducted our first-ever EveryBlock survey. Here are the most interesting findings.

We surveyed two groups of people – those who access EveryBlock using e-mail alerts and those who visit our site directly. The results below apply to both Web and e-mail users.

Our users are active community members

There’s a misconception among some people that EveryBlock is primarily a tool for journalists, researchers and other professionals who use data to do their jobs. While we’re happy to serve those audiences, we’ve tried to focus on building a product for actual community residents – and our survey shows that we’re indeed reaching those people. An amazing 92 percent of respondents in the e-mail user survey identified themselves as active community residents. Of our Web users, the number was 88 percent.

With this in mind, we’re going to continue focusing our product around neighborhood residents. We’ve got some huge improvements in this area coming soon and are excited to launch them.

Our users follow news where they live
While some people follow news where they work or have friends and family, the majority of users follow news near their home. This was also in line with our expectations, but it was nice to see the actual data.

Our users live in communities where citizens care about the neighborhood
Seventy-two percent of our e-mail and 62 percent of our Web users feel they live in communities where residents care about the neighborhood. We’ve seen this come to life when neighbors post helpful information on EveryBlock about neighborhood nuisances or warnings about crime. We’re really interested in building tools that help these interactions happen more productively and more frequently.

Aside from these three main findings, we also learned a good deal about everything from the type of news our users read to additional features they would like to see. We’re taking the survey seriously, and it’s been a big help as we plan our site improvements.

Of course, we can’t end this blog post without thanking everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Thanks, and we’ll be keeping your feedback in mind as we continue to make EveryBlock even better!

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