Redesign notes for existing users


If you already had an EveryBlock account before our March 21, 2011, redesign, there are a few things you should know:

Email alert changes

We’ve changed the way email alerts work, hopefully in a way that’s more intuitive. Previously, you had to sign up for individual alerts for each place you were interested in — your block, your son’s neighborhood, etc. This meant you might get several daily EveryBlock emails. Now, you get one alert that encompasses all of the places that you follow.

To follow places, log into the site and go to the “Manage places” section of your profile, which you can get to by clicking “Your account” in the upper right of any page. You can also follow places by clicking the “follow” button on any place page throughout the site.

We’ve automatically set followed places for all of our existing users according to existing email subscriptions and our old “saved place” feature, so if you don’t do anything, you should still get your EveryBlock email as expected — you’ll just get a single one instead of a multiple ones, if you were previously subscribed to multiple ones.

Setting up your account

Help kickstart your neighborhood on EveryBlock by going through our guided setup process. This is where you set your followed places, set a username, upload a profile photo, fill out a public profile and a few other things. To do this, just log into your account. The first time you log in, you’ll enter the signup process right away.

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