New feature: Mute button


We’ve added a small but important feature today that helps you manage your EveryBlock homepage.

If you follow places on EveryBlock that have active conversations, you’ve no doubt noticed that conversations “bubble up” to the top of your homepage each time they get a new comment. We designed it this way so that new comments wouldn’t get lost in the stream of news. Neighbor comments are among the most interesting and important parts of our site.

But as useful as this “bubbling up” is, your neighbors might from time to time be talking about things that you’re not interested in, in which case you likely don’t care to be notified whenever there’s a new comment.

Enter the new “Mute” button. Click “Mute” next to any neighbor message, and you’ll never see that particular message, or any associated comments, on your homepage or in your site emails again. This is what it looks like:

Image of 'flag' button

Hope this helps improve your EveryBlock experience, and keep the feedback coming!

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