EveryBlock one month after relaunch


It’s been just more than one month since we launched the EveryBlock redesign and encouraged neighbors to use the site to make their block a better place.

Not only have we seen more comments in many of our smaller cities, but we’re also seeing more neighbors post messages that match up perfectly with EveryBlock’s new mission. Here are some examples:

While it’s still early and we’re continuing to add enhancements to the site, the response to the new EveryBlock has been great. We think this comment from a Chicago neighbor named Citizen Jac does a great job summing up the new EveryBlock experience:

I have spent nearly 20 years now engaged with my neighbors in the communities I have lived in. At the end of the day, the depth and value of the relationships built is what drives positive changes for a neighborhood. Among other activities, I use both FB and Twitter as a means to engage other citizens. That is all good. I do find, however, in the short time that I have been on EveryBlock that it uniquely brings together both people, ideas, developments, and information to a single “place” that can rightfully be called community. I have used the term “community-media” as a way to describe social media focused on building community. EveryBlock represents the best community-media I have yet seen. Urge your neighbors to join in!

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