Congratulations to the first group of EveryBlock Active Neighbors


Neighborhood Honors are a fun way to gain recognition as a regular EveryBlock contributor and, most importantly, a helpful neighbor.

When we first unveiled our Neighborhood Honors, we started everyone at the first level, Neighbor. Since then, many EveryBlock users have started to post messages, complete their profiles, comment on discussions and thank others.

Now, we’d like to congratulate all the helpful neighbors who are the first EveryBlock users ever to be promoted to the next level of Neighborhood Honors, Active Neighbor. These folks have completed all four of the Active Neighbor tasks:

  • Added a username to their profile
  • Completed their short bio description
  • Posted at least one comment or neighbor message
  • Received and given at least one “thanks”

In addition, many of these Active Neighbors have gone above and beyond, posting multiple comments and giving out lots of thanks. This type of participation and community recognition will continue to become increasingly important as they continue to build their reputation on EveryBlock to reach the level of Block Booster, Community Champion and finally, Neighborhood Hero.

Going forward, anyone who meets the Active Neighbor criteria will automatically be promoted once they complete their final task and the change will be reflected right away.

So to all our new Active Neighbors and future Active Neighbors, keep on sharing, posting and commenting. Your neighbors want to hear from you and your contributions help make your block (and EveryBlock) a better place!

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