EveryBlock post helps catch neighborhood flasher


Public safety warnings are a common neighborhood discussion topic on EveryBlock. When an EveryBlock neighbor posted a message recently about a flasher on the loose, not only did she put her fellow residents on alert, her message also helped lead the police to the perpetrator.

Earlier this month, EveryBlock neighbor Melissa posted a message asking if a man wearing a ski mask and hoodie had flashed anyone else at a busy intersection in her Chicago neighborhood. Residents responded to her post with a flurry of concerned comments, and, according to an article by a reporter following the discussion, the police department contacted Melissa soon after she made her post on the site. The article goes on to report the police set up surveillance to monitor the suspect a few days after Melissa’s initial post and later arrested him.

We’re really proud that EveryBlock was able to give Melissa a way to quickly spread the word about the flasher to people in her community and also provide residents with a way to stay informed about the situation. Most importantly, Melissa’s message and the outcome that followed are great examples of how conversations and messages on EveryBlock can help neighbors make their block a better place.

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