Neighbors use EveryBlock to jumpstart first farmers’ market in ten years


It started with a question on EveryBlock by a Chicago neighbor named Jeff Parker: Is anybody interested in working with neighbors to bring a farmers’ market to the Jefferson Park area?

Soon, people started to chime in, sharing ideas on how to get started, who to contact and what to do next. One resident volunteered to contact the mayor’s office, and a member of the local neighborhood association offered suggestions based on ongoing efforts to bring a market to the community.

Within a just a few days, neighbors set a time and date to discuss their plans in person. As the group continued to post updates on their progress, DavidF wrote, “This is awesome. Seven days ago the suggestion was made, people already working on the issue were able to weigh in, and now dates are being set. If everyblock works like this in many communities it will be a tremendous resource.”

Fast forward to a month and a half later and the residents of Jefferson Park are preparing for their farmers’ market to begin in June. “We basically organized around it, got in touch with the right people, and are finally bringing a farmers’ market to our neighborhood. There hasn’t been one there in 10 years!” says neighbor Jamie Dihiansan. He adds, “EveryBlock really helped us rally together and get something good going for our neighborhood.”

So the next time you have an idea that can help make our neighborhood a better place, start a conversation on EveryBlock and call on your neighbors. They’re waiting to hear from you.

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