Trulia’s crime map and EveryBlock visualizations


Today our friends at Trulia launched a new crime mapping project that lets you see “heatmaps” of crime on a block-by-block basis in several U.S. cities.

Screenshot of Trulia crime site

The EveryBlock connection is that we provided Trulia with historical crime data in three cities — Chicago, Houston and Dallas. If you’re a resident of one of those cities and you’ve wanted a “long-term” map view of your daily EveryBlock crime feed, check out Trulia’s visualization — it’s really well done and useful. (For that matter, check out Trulia’s site even if you’re not a resident of those cities; they’re covering a whole bunch of cities in this first iteration.)

And, with that, it’s a good time to note that EveryBlock itself is moving away from visualizing public records, including crime data.

In 2005, I launched, which was an early crime-visualization site. It later evolved into EveryBlock, which has tended toward the “news” end of the “news vs. trends” spectrum; our main focus has always been about giving you timelines of news rather than showing you trends on maps. And, as we’ve developed our thinking over the years, we’ve gradually done less and less visualization, culminating a few months ago in our big redesign, which all but removed data visualization, in favor of rich neighbor-messaging tools and an emphasis on making your block a better place through connecting with the people around you.

So, when Trulia asked us whether we wanted to work together, we were happy to experiment with offloading the visualization aspect to a partner. We’re happy with how it turned out, and I hope you check out their fine work.

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