New features: Photo uploads, social sharing and more


We’ve just added a few new bells and whistles to EveryBlock to make it even easier for you to share helpful news with your neighbors.

We’re most excited to announce you can now upload photos to your neighbor messages (here’s an example). So the next time you want to tell your neighbors about the film crew you saw on your way home from work, the new restaurant that just opened on the corner, or the vacant lot in need of some neighborly attention, remember to snap a picture to go along with your message.

Screenshot of new posting form

Once you get down to the business of posting your neighbor message and photo, you’ll see we’ve also reduced the number of steps it takes to post a message to a place you don’t already follow. (Previously, the posting form only allowed you to post to your followed places, which, for example, made it tough to post to the nearby neighborhood you pass through on your way to the gym.) Just search for the place in the new search box and you’ll be on your way.

Finally, we’ve also added the ability for you to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook when you post a new message. Not only is it a great way to show your friends what an awesome neighbor you are (just in case they didn’t know already), but it’s an easy way to spread the word about EveryBlock to folks who you think might want to check us out.

We’re pretty excited about these new features and we can’t wait to see all the messages with photos you’ll be sharing to help make your block a better place. You can get to the new posting interface by clicking the “Post a new message” box on your personal EveryBlock homepage, or clicking “Start a discussion” at the top of any EveryBlock page.

Happy posting, and don’t forget to check out our new and improved EveryBlock community guidelines for some helpful dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

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