EveryBlock conversation turns into a community fundraiser


One of the most common ways people use EveryBlock is to find out what’s happening with businesses in the neighborhood.

So, when Chicago neighbor ladykills82 noticed a local business had been closed for several days, she posted a question on the site:

Does anyone know what happened to the little liquor store Windy City Liquors on the corner of Damen and Argyle? They’ve been closed for four days now with just a handwritten sign that says ‘Sorry we are closed.’ I just wonder because I go there a lot and am friendly with the family that owns the place, I hope nothing bad has happened.

Soon, residents learned the owners had been affected by several recent tragedies. “Maybe we can do a fundraiser for the family or something? I’m not really sure how to do something like that as I never had – but I would definitely help out in anyway,” suggested neighbor BDub.

Within minutes, BDub created a page on a the fundraising site GiveForward.com and neighbors began to submit their donations.

Less than a week after ladykill82’s first message, residents have raised more than $300 and additional funds continue to come in. “Wow, this is so awesome! I never thought posting a simple question would have such a great effect. Thank you guys for being such thoughtful neighbors,” she wrote.

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