New feature: Mute users


Today, we’re launching a new feature to help you manage which users you see on your EveryBlock homepage and in your email.

You’ve probably noticed that as EveryBlock has grown, we’ve attracted a wide range of neighbors with different opinions and interests. This has led to more neighbor messages and more comments on the site.

But, we also know there may be some neighbors who you would prefer not to receive messages from because their favorite neighborhood topic isn’t of interest to you or you just don’t want to see their comments in neighborhood discussions.

We now have a “mute” user button for these situations. Simply hover over any user’s comment or message on the site, and you’ll see an option to mute them (along with the ability to report their comment or hide the entire discussion from your timeline).

You will never see neighbor messages from muted users, and their comments on other discussions will be hidden from view. If you would like to read a comment from a muted user, you can expand it and read it without unmuting them.

Importantly, muting a user is anonymous. He or she won’t know you’ve muted them, so you can mute safely without hurting people’s feelings.

“Mute user” etiquette

When muting users, please help us by following a few simple rules.

First, please don’t announce you’re muting a neighbor in the discussion thread, as we’d consider that to be an off-topic comment that violates our community guidelines.

Second, please continue to report offensive comments by clicking on the “Report” button. We don’t want a few bad apples to ruin the conversation for everyone else. If users are violating our guidelines, please report their comments before you mute them.

To keep the positive community spirit going on EveryBlock, users who are repeatedly muted by their neighbors for what is clearly unneighborly behavior (personal attacks, antagonizing or offensive comments, off-topic rants, etc.) will have their accounts deactivated.

If you have any feedback for us about this new feature, please comment below or contact us directly. We hope this improvement helps make your EveryBlock a better place. See you online!

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