Neighbors use EveryBlock to bring more businesses to their community


We all know that neighborhood businesses play a significant role in shaping our communities. On EveryBlock, business openings, closings and suggestions often lead to some of our most active news items and neighbor messages.

A recent discussion in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago has not only become the starting point for ideas and conversation, but it has prompted neighbors to come together in real life to improve their community.

It all began with a message from Erica in Bronzeville:

Residents of Bronzeville and surrounding areas, let’s put our heads together and brainstorm the types of businesses that we’d like in our neighborhood! Step 1: Give 1-3 suggestions, along with where you think the businesses should be located. I’ll leave this open for a few days and we’ll move onto Step 2, which will be counting the suggestions and narrowing down to the top three suggestions. After that, we’ll take it from there. Thanks in advance!

Soon, neighbors started to add their recommendations, suggesting ideas ranging from coffee shops to a public library branch.

Fast forward to a month after Erica’s initial post and she has formed a task force with her EveryBlock neighbors. Not only have they met in person, but their local city council representative has expressed interest in hearing more about their ideas.

“Everyblock has proven to be a powerful tool in our journey to improve the commercial climate in Bronzeville. We’ve been able to express and share our ideas, organize a group and proactively work toward the soliciting and attracting businesses in our community. We were able to mobilize our group in essentially three weeks time and I am not sure if many other formats, outside of Everyblock, could have duplicated or exceeded our progress to date,” said Erica.

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