Job opening: Seattle EveryBlock Community Coordinator


The EveryBlock community of neighbors continues to grow and we’re now looking to hire a full-time community coordinator based in Seattle.

As the EveryBlock community coordinator, you’d be responsible for helping grow and manage our community in your designated region consisting of Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, San Jose and Los Angeles. Your primary area of responsibility will be to manage all aspects of the EveryBlock community in your lead city of Seattle.

Secondary responsibilities will include moderation and user support of additional EveryBlock cities in your region.

Here’s what you’d be doing in Seattle:

  • Develop and oversee city-wide plan to meet overall business objectives
  • Analyze user trends to help inform marketing investment and product evolution
  • Seed neighborhood-specific conversations
  • Participate in relevant neighborhood conversations
  • Conduct outreach to recruit engaged neighbors and neighborhood organizations
  • Manage city Twitter account
  • Grow existing list of EveryBlock news sources and develop relationships with neighborhood bloggers to encourage increased participation
  • Edit headlines to maximize top EveryBlock news and discussions
  • Attend occasional neighborhood meetings in lead city to build awareness for EveryBlock
  • Proactively identify and leverage opportunities for neighborhood-specific citywide engagement (ie. snowstorms, garbage strikes, etc.)
  • Regional responsibilities (includes lead city)
  • Respond to user support questions
  • Moderate discussions and enforce EveryBlock community guidelines

Think you have what it takes? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • 5+ years of relevant work experience
  • Background in communications, marketing or journalism preferred
  • Strong writing and organizational skills Active online presence (Twitter, blogging, etc.) and knowledge of social media
  • Proven ability to engage with users in an online environment
  • Excellent judgment

  • Schedule flexibility to handle community management issues as needed
  • Deep knowledge of (and passion for) Seattle — neighborhoods, restaurants, events, etc.
  • Interest in helping people improve their communities
  • Self-motivated with ability to work independently

  • You’re a serious worker but don’t take yourself too seriously

We have a low-stress environment and a culture of getting things done with as little corporate BS as possible.

Though we’re technically no longer an independent startup — we were acquired by in 2009 — we’re culturally very much still a startup, given that our product is still in early stages and we’re still figuring things out. It’s a very nice combination of startup culture with the financial security of working for a big company. (We have great benefits — salary, health care, 401(k), etc.) And is taking the long-view on us, investing in us over time and giving us years to develop a large audience and become profitable. It’s a great company to work for and now is a fantastic time to be joining our team. We just hired a new president, plus we recently launched a major redesign that’s been almost universally loved, and, most importantly, we’re getting momentum and critical mass in more and more neighborhoods.

Please check out the official job posting if you’d like to apply.

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