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When we redesigned EveryBlock eight months ago, our goal was to put our users and neighborhood conversations front and center.

We wanted to help people improve their communities by connecting them with their neighbors. And now that 2011 has come to a close, we’re happy to say that’s happened many times, with great results.

Of course, the new year just wouldn’t be complete without a list or a recap, so we thought it would be fun to highlight some of the top “be a better neighbor” discussions on EveryBlock:

Windy City Liquors
This post started with a simple question from ladykills82 about a local business and turned into a great example of how EveryBlock can be used to rally a community together. Neighbors shared information and ultimately started a fundraiser for the business owner, who had experienced a family tragedy.

Attracting Businesses to the Neighborhood
EveryBlock neighbor Erica had the right idea when she posed a question for her neighbors about what businesses they’d like to see in their historic neighborhood. Not only did the discussion lead to some interesting suggestions, but it became the starting point for real-world action when the participants gathered their ideas together and met with their city council representative.

Organizing a Neighborhood Clean-up
Nothing’s worse than walking thorough your neighborhood and seeing a bunch of trash in empty lots. So when neighbor Seth suggested a clean-up in his community, plenty of folks were willing to lend a hand. They used EveryBlock to pick a date and time, organize who would bring snacks and water, and even share some impressive before-and-after shots.

Deteriorating Train Platforms
Despite a recent renovation, neighbors began to notice the platforms at their local train station were already starting to deteriorate. Neighbor Gretchen asked other residents for advice after failing to get an answer from several city contacts. Her message spurred an active neighborhood conversation and it helped the issue gain local media attention.

Who Wants to Start a Farmer’s Market?
Not all neighborhoods are fortunate enough to have an active farmers market in the summer, but that doesn’t mean they can’t start one. Neighbor Jeff Parker posted a message asking residents if they were interested in bringing a market to their neighborhood and after lots of planning, coordination and hard work, the neighbors helped kickstart the first market in their community in more than ten years.

These were our favorites from 2011, but discussions like this happen pretty much every day across the neighborhoods we serve. To get a sense of hot discussions happening in your city, check out our top news page (Chicago example), which is updated in real time.

We hope you and your neighbors have a wonderful 2012, and here’s to another year of great neighborhood discussions!

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