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Today we’re launching an events section in each EveryBlock city.

Until now, there hasn’t been a great way to find events happening in your neighborhood. There are a bunch of events sites out there, but they suffer from three problems.

First, they focus on general-interest events — the Cubs game, the big stadium concert, the citywide festival — instead of neighborhood-scoped events. There hasn’t been a place to find the “long tail” of events.

Second, they don’t allow for geographic granularity. When you search, the smallest radius they support is 5 miles, which, from EveryBlock’s perspective, might as well be at the other end of the city.

Third, they’re siloed. Sure, you could go to your park district’s site for park district events, and to your city’s site for city-sanctioned events, and to your neighborhood association’s site for your neighborhood association’s events, but nobody collects that in one place.

Our new events section is our first step in solving these problems.

You’ll now see an events calendar on your custom EveryBlock homepage. Click that, and you’ll see upcoming events near your followed places. You can browse by date and category (clean-up, garage sale, school meeting, etc.). All of this uses the same level of geographic granularity you’ve come to know and love on EveryBlock, so that you can see events happening near a given block, neighborhood or custom location.

As with the rest of our site, the events come from a variety of sources — sites that we aggregate data from (starting with our launch partners Eventful and Time Out Chicago), plus users like you. If you’re an event organizer or otherwise know about what’s happening in your neighborhood, you can post events yourself. (Look for the “Post to EveryBlock” link at the top of each page while you’re logged in.) Events also show up in your timeline and in our daily email digests, so they fit into the existing ways people use EveryBlock.

We hope this turns you on to fun neighborhood events you didn’t know about, lets you spread the word about events you’re organizing yourself and gives you more excuses to meet your neighbors and strengthen the bonds in your community.

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