Introducing comment preview


We’ve just made a small but important tweak to the way user comments work on our site.

As more and more people have started using EveryBlock to have conversations with neighbors, inevitably a few bad apples have started spoiling the fun. The amount of nonconstructive discussion hasn’t been horrible, but we’ve gotten enough feedback about it that we’ve decided to make it a priority.

So to encourage folks to stay courteous, we’ve added a slight barrier to commenting: a preview step. Before, when you posted a comment, it went live right away. Now, when you post a comment, you’ll see a preview of it, so that you can read it over before posting. We’re hoping this causes some folks to think twice before posting to make sure they’re being constructive and neighborly.

We want everyone to have a positive experience when talking with their neighbors on EveryBlock, and informative, friendly comments play a big part in making that happen. Look for more of these sorts of improvements from us in the near future, and let us know what ideas you have.

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Comments are closed

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