Let’s all “be a better neighbor”


About a month ago we launched an advertising campaign to further spread the word about EveryBlock.

We introduced our new tagline, “Be a better neighbor,” to speak to the role we hope to play within your community. It’s about EveryBlock as a resource for being informed, building a sense of connection with those around you, and in many cases taking action as group. We’ve seen constructive neighbor conversations range from asking what’s going into the empty storefront to rallying around a family in need.

Equally important is using “Be a better neighbor” to guide behavior on EveryBlock. It’s a pledge to act neighborly as we all comment and contribute if we’re to maintain the civil tone that lets EveryBlock be at its best. At times we know this can be a challenge. Name calling, accusations, overly aggressive comments and even seemingly harmless off-topic remarks can litter otherwise productive neighbor discussions. Even worse, they discourage some of your most informed neighbors from taking a more active role in future conversations.

Our community team works tirelessly to moderate discussions, but they simply can’t be everywhere at all times. Ultimately, nurturing the right vibe lies in the hands of everyone using EveryBlock. To keep things pointed in the right direction, we ask that you keep the following in mind:

  1. Get to know our community guidelines. They’ll not only help guide your contributions, but more importantly, they’ll put you in a position to surface violations as they happen.
  2. Use the Report button that appears on every Neighbor Message and comment. Let us know if you’ve spotted a violation, and we’ll review and address the issue. We’ll be the only ones to know that you reported a violation, so know there’s no risk in being seen as a snitch.
  3. Use the Mute and Hide buttons. If you no longer want to hear from a particular user, click the Mute button to forever remove them from your EveryBlock content. Their comments will be collapsed, and you won’t see any neighbor messages they’ve posted. If you’re tired of seeing an entire conversation on the site or in your e-mail, click the Hide button to make it disappear.

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While we trust that these features will help improve EveryBlock for both you and your neighbors, we know we’ll often need to encourage others to “be a better neighbor” as they participate. With many of you doing the same, we’re confident about growing EveryBlock as an infinitely valuable resource for good. As always, if you have any thoughts, please contact us at feedback@everyblock.com.

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