My Green Lake is now a part of EveryBlock Seattle


Today we welcome the community from the award-winning neighborhood blog My Green Lake to EveryBlock Seattle.

After three years publishing her site, My Green Lake editor Amy Duncan came up with the idea of transitioning the community resource to EveryBlock. She shared the details of her decision in a final post on the site:

I have thought for several months about the best way to transition away from publishing My Green Lake and was anxious about the possibility that, if the site simply shut down, the neighborhood could be left in an online vacuum. So I approached EveryBlock and suggested that we could work together to introduce Green Lake to EveryBlock Seattle.

I couldn’t be happier that the virtual community we have created here together will be able to continue. I am really looking forward to being a part of our neighborhood conversation and answering your questions about Green Lake on EveryBlock.

Amy explains that My Green Lake readers who sign up for EveryBlock Seattle will have the opportunity to share their story ideas, event information, neighborhood news, photographs and thoughtful discussion with their neighbors:

In the past, when you wanted to share news with or ask questions of your neighbors through, you submitted information through our tips form, over email, or via Twitter or Facebook. Now, that process will be simplified. On EveryBlock, you’ll communicate directly with your neighbors.

As the Seattle Community Manager, I’d like to personally extend a welcome to EveryBlock Seattle’s newest users. We’re delighted to have you here.

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