EveryBlock awards $10,000 to DonorsChoose.org to support local classroom fundraisers


We’re proud to announce that EveryBlock has donated $10,000 to DonorsChoose.org to support their classroom fundraisers in Seattle, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco. The donation, which resulted from the recent EveryBlock neighbor recruitment drive, will help to fund classroom project requests made by local public school teachers to help students in need.

Here are how DonorsChoose.org allocated the funds in the five EveryBlock cities:

Chicago: $3,627 to 17 schools

New York: $1,808 to three schools

Philadelphia: $1,843 to five schools

San Francisco: $1,614 to four schools

Seattle: $1,603 to eight schools

See here for a full list of all the schools and how each benefitted from the donation.

All of us here at EveryBlock are pleased to have the opportunity to give back to these communities and help thousands of students through DonorsChoose.org. We’re committed to supporting schools in the neighborhoods that EveryBlock serves.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the recruitment drive!

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