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We’ve just made some changes to the “no thanks” button, in response to the feedback we’ve been getting for the past several weeks.

(For background, see our original announcement and later update.)

Thanks to all the feedback we’ve gotten online, plus the in-person lunch discussion we had with a few users in Chicago, we’ve realized we made a bunch of mistakes with “no thanks.” Our intention was to give users a way to discourage bad behavior on the site, but, in practice, the way we implemented the “no thanks” button put negativity front and center, and it made things more about slapping other users on the wrist than helping maintain a civil community. People started abusing it almost immediately, and there was little accountability because “no thanks” were anonymous.

So, starting right now, here are the changes:

  • We’ve renamed the “no thanks” button to “unneighborly.” “No thanks,” though nicely symmetrical with “thanks,” didn’t have the right tone for what we intended.
  • We’ve removed the “no thanks” counts. The number of “no thanks” on a given comment are no longer visible to anybody except EveryBlock staff members, who will keep an eye on those numbers and apply their own judgment in removing comments, per our community guidelines.
  • We’ve stopped automatically collapsing comments when they reach a certain number of “no thanks.”
  • We’ve stopped automatically emailing users when they reach a certain number of “no thanks.”
  • We no longer list the number of times you’ve been “no thanked” on your profile page.

The result is that the “unneighborly” button gives you a way of anonymously voicing your concern with a comment — but (importantly) that concern doesn’t become public. It lets our community managers know that they should look into a comment (and they may or may not opt to remove it).

Thanks for bearing with us as we figured this out. It’s been an interesting experience, and we’ve certainly learned a lot. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or you can always email us at

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