Happy Pet Stories Brought to You by EveryBlock


Whether neighbors are posting about a lost dog or an animal that needs a home, pet-related posts are a regular part of the daily news on EveryBlock.

We love that warm fuzzy feeling when one of these neighbor messages turns into a story with a happy ending, so here are a few recent pet posts to make all you animal lovers smile:

  • Anjelika Raqs needed to find a home for her parakeets so she asked her neighbors if anyone would be willing to take them for free. Not only did she get several responses right away, but her feathered friends now have a new home thanks to Megan G.

  • Fictionwriter turned to EveryBlock after a friend was unable to find a home for a “nice kitty” named Seagram. Fictionwriter’s friend had been looking for more than a month without any luck, but within a day of the post on EveryBlock, three neighbors expressed their interest. Seagram eventually went to neighbor Jeff Geesa and he even posted a photo of himself with his new companion.

  • Lorrie Ide posted a message from a neighbor about a missing dog that had been found by a group of neighbors. She reported the dog was currently with the police until he could be picked up by animal control. Neighbor Missy quickly chimed in, sharing a link to another discussion posted by a neighbor looking for his dog Finnegan. Thanks to Lorrie and Missy’s posts, Finnegan was successfully reunited with his owner Joshua.

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