Seattle’s “I Love My Block” contest winners


When we launched the EveryBlock “I Love My Block” contest we knew we’d see a lot of inspiring stories about great neighbors, and EveryBlock users didn’t disappoint. We had the pleasantly difficult task of choosing a grand prize and three second prize winners who would enhance their Seattle Night Out (August 7) block party with a Skillet dinner or a visit from the EveryBlock ice cream truck.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to sing their block’s praises in the contest. There’s a lot of love out there!

And now, the winners:

Grand Prize Winner: Skillet dinner

Darcy B. from Ballard:

I don’t know if I can list the reasons I love my block in the tiny box provided, but here it goes: I love 18th Ave NW for our bicycle parades, Friday cocktail nights, our Thanksgiving street tent, the roaming children, happy dogs and our solid communication. Individually we are math teachers, English teachers, divers, carpenters, potters, librarians, parents, runners, motorcyclists and social workers.

Together we are an invincible team lucky enough to live next to one another.
Mostly, I love that an entire street supported my family in January while my husband was in the hospital. Every night food and cards would appear on my porch in a cooler. By morning, a tiffin box appeared with a packed lunch for my son to take to school.

I hope you choose my neighbors because I would love to return the favor and feed each and every one to thank them for their support and love. Just as that tiffin box fed my son, I hope the metal trailer can feed my family of neighbors.

Second Prize Winners: EveryBlock ice cream truck

Caitlin R. in Hillman City:

My husband and I moved into the AngelMorgan neighborhood in 2006 to the 3800/3900 block of S. Morgan St. The day we were viewing the house with our agent we spoke to a neighbor and asked them about the neighborhood. What’s it like here? She enthusiastically said, “This is an amazing neighborhood, I’m actually heading down to the P-Patch right now if you want to join me.”

That impromptu meeting in what was, at the time, a work-in-progress garden sealed the deal. We saw young families, LGBT families, older folks, and people from all over the world. We were sold on AngelMorgan. Today, the P-Patch serves as a gathering place, as well as a community garden. We’ve even held Harvest Potluck parties to celebrate.

Whether it’s building the P-Patch, bringing dinner to new parents, sending our kids to the cherished neighborhood daycare, checking in on our elderly neighbors, or planning NO events – there’s tremendous diversity and community here in AngelMorgan. That’s got to be worth some chicken!

Nancy M. in Ravenna:

Well, we’ll just sing about the block (sung to “Home on the Range” with some creative phrasing to make it work!)

Oh give me a block
Where the neighbors all talk
And the children can giggle and play
Where we watch for each back
And rejoice “hey, you’re back!”
And the chickens are clucking all day

Home, home on our block
Where talking of food rules the day
Smell BB smoke
With fresh berries to poke
And the chickens give manure every day

Oh give me a block
Where we’re all on the clock
To garden each cranny and nook
We scoop all our poops
And leave treats on your stoop
And the chickens lay eggs every day

Home, home on 23rd NE (you have to sing 23rd really fast)
Where we welcome, man, woman and beast
The trees are all tall
And we don’t put up walls
And the chickens are clucking all day

Holly H. in Georgetown:

As a Seattle native, I’ve lived in numerous vibrant urban neighborhoods over the past 15+ years. However, when I moved to Flora last Fall, I finally felt like I had come home.

My partner and I have never lived in a neighborhood where we’ve felt more accepted and immediately embraced. Living here is like living in a small town in the middle of a big city. People know each other’s names, watch out for each other and genuinely seem to care. If something needs to be done – traffic circle landscaping, graffiti removal, etc. – everyone chips in. When one neighbor got tired of an empty lot next to his house being sprayed with toxic chemicals, he offered to voluntarily seed the lot with grass and mow it weekly, simply to make it safe for neighboring families and pets.

This kind of selflessness and community spirit abounds in Georgetown and especially on Flora Ave. This will be our first block party, and from what we hear, it will be one full of food, music and new friends.

Skillet Cookbook Winners

Susan C. in Sunset Hill

Jessica L. in West Seattle

Genny K. in Queen Anne

Jamie C. in Pinehurst

Yelena N. in Ballard

Congratulations to all the winners. Have a great Seattle Night Out, everyone!

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