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Announcing Adrian Holovaty’s departure from EveryBlock feels incredibly bittersweet. Having founded the company in July 2007, his last day with the team will be August 31.

Seeing Adrian go will be tough for a host of reasons. Simply put, he’s a technical wiz of the highest degree. His code is immaculate and his attention to detail is inspiring. He has ambitious expectations of himself and rightfully expects a similar commitment from the rest of his team. While by no means an exhaustive list, that’s not the kind of stuff you ever want to see walking out the door.

However, Adrian, at his core, is a creator. He’s at his best when building upon the seed of his own idea—be it one of the original Google Maps mashups, an open source Web framework, or, in the case of EveryBlock, a revolutionary way to deliver neighborhood news. Our excitement for Adrian lies in knowing that he’s off to create again, and that starting the journey toward that idea’s discovery returns him to what he loves most.

As for EveryBlock, we’re anything but being left high and dry. Our growth only continues to accelerate, we’re putting the finishing touches on launching in three new cities, and, as of a few weeks ago, we’re thrilled to now be part of the NBC News Digital family. EveryBlock veteran Joseph Kocherhans will assume the lead product role and not miss a single beat in taking our highly talented team’s work to the next level.

For Adrian’s thoughts on his decision, check out this blog post at holovaty.com. We’ll miss seeing him every day, but look forward to frequent visits for Resistance games, reminders of who’s the local ping pong champ, and most importantly, sneak previews of his next big thing.

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