Neighbor message categories


We just made an improvement to the way neighbor messages work: messages now have categories, and you can filter out certain categories from your EveryBlock experience.

As the balance of EveryBlock shifts from data to neighbor messages, we’re realizing people want more control over the things they see. Some people don’t care about lost pets; others want nothing but lost pets! With our new categorization system, you can pick and choose.

A message’s category is specified by its original poster — although our community managers reserve the right to fix miscategorized posts. Messages can have only a single category, for simplicity. Here are the available categories, which we came up with based on how people have been using our service:

Screenshot of categories

Of course, nothing’s set in stone, and we might add to this list over time. We’re expecting “Neighborhood news” to be sort of a catch-all. (That’s also the category we used to retroactively categorize all previous neighbor messages.)

To change your category display preferences, click “You” in the upper right of any EveryBlock page, then select “News types.” And P.S. — now’s a great time to remind you that we have quite a few other customization options there — check it out and turn things on/off as you like.

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