Introducing new EveryBlock badges


Since last year’s redesign, neighborhood honors have been a way for us to recognize folks who have been active on EveryBlock.

As we started to think about the next level of neighborhood honors, we decided it was time to take a new approach that would reward the different types of contributors who make the EveryBlock community great.

We’ve replaced the “neighbor” and “active neighbor” designations with several jazzy looking badges (shout out to our awesome designer, P.J. Macklin) for various activities such as commenting on a neighbor’s first post or sharing an event. We will also be keeping “active neighbor” around for past users who already earned this badge, but it will only be visible on profile pages.

The “Blockstar” badge, which is intended to recognize neighbors who are above average when it comes to the number of thanks they receive for each comment or message, will be visible as you read discussion threads. You can any user’s full set of badges by clicking on their name or photo and going to their profile page.

If you’ve already been contributing on the site, your past contributions will count toward the new badges. If you haven’t been quite so active, now is a perfect time to get started!

In the weeks and months to come, we’ll continue to introduce new badges to keep things interesting. We hope these new badges will inspire you to contribute to EveryBlock, connect with your neighbors and improve your community.

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