EveryBlock extends real estate data to include rental listings


We’re pleased to announce that we have recently extended our partnership with Trulia to provide EveryBlock users with more comprehensive real estate information.

Previously, our listings only covered properties for sale. Now, we’re including properties for rent as well. To access rental data on EveryBlock, you can either view the listings on your homepage (as seen below) or you can click on “Property Rentals” in the “Show Only” tab.

Please keep in mind that all information that is seen on your homepage can be managed by going to your user profile (top right) and clicking on “Manage your settings” where you can change the emails your receive, the places you follow, and the news types that show up on your homepage.

If you’d like to learn more about this partnership or would like to discuss new partnership opportunities, please contact me at parinda@everyblock.com.

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