Notify Your Neighbors on EveryBlock with Utilities Issues


Have you experienced a problem with your power or hot water and wondered if others in your neighborhood were having the same issue? Alert your neighbors of concerns and ask questions on EveryBlock to get to the bottom of a potential building or block emergency.

Last week, a Philly neighbor named Daniela posted a message to ask if others on her block had lost their running water. She had made a call to the city’s water revenue bureau, but didn’t get an answer, so she decided to reach out to her EveryBlock neighbors.

Within minutes, residents posted replies about the loss of water in their homes. Once neighbors noticed their water was turned back on they returned to EveryBlock to check in and share the good news.

Two other EveryBlock users in nearby neighborhoods also posted about the water issues last week. Neighbor Karenina had read about a water main break while neighbor JP’s home was hit with low water pressure and he was curious if he was the only one affected.

All of these EveryBlockers were able to connect with others who were experiencing the same problem, so they knew it wasn’t just something to take up with their landlord, but a neighborhood-wide concern.

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