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It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year and a half since we redesigned EveryBlock to focus on neighborhood conversation. We were excited to give users a greater voice—to be the icebreaker that connected neighbors around news, issues and questions. And while we admit to not knowing what was going to come from the change, the results have left us completely inspired and excited about where we can go from here.

As user posts continue to grow, our top priority will always be to maintain EveryBlock as a place for civil discussions about neighborhood news. That can be a tall order in the wild world of the Internet, which is why we’re asking you to play a greater role in keeping things, well, neighborly. Do we expect or want EveryBlock to be a saccharine sweet place of only group hugs? Absolutely not. Spirited debate and disagreements, if respectful, are keys to building the strongest ideas and making real progress.

With that in mind we’re introducing the EveryBlock Community Ideals. They’re the philosophies that inspire how our community strives to act. Starting in a couple weeks, as an EveryBlock user, you’ll be asked to agree to these prior to posting if you haven’t already as part of creating your account. If you’re not on board you’ll still receive your EveryBlock emails and be able to visit the site. But we certainly hope you’ll see this as a simple gesture to fellow users of your support for the community you’ve helped build.

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