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Through EveryBlock, we are excited to support open, but informative, respectful and civil conversations. Posting inappropriate content, personal attacks or advertisements, as well as revealing private information about others should be avoided and will be removed. (For a full list of  content not to post, see our Community Guidelines.)

We’re asking for your help!

If you see a post that does any of the above, or is offensive in any way, please click the “UNNEIGHBORLY” button, which appears under a comment or post. Clicking the Unneighborly button flags the post for review by our moderation team.

However, while it is important for us all to help grow a civil community by reporting the problem posts or comments, it is just as important to thank those who are providing a great addition to the site, by using the THANKS button!

Are you bothered by the posts of a particular user or entire conversation? You can “mute” any person and hide their posts or comments from your experience on EveryBlock. By clicking the “X” in the upper right corner of a post, it won’t appear on your homepage or email digest.

For more information on THANKS, UNNEIGHBORLY, and MUTE, visit our Glossary.

We truly value your opinions, so please let us know if you have any thoughts or comments through our Feedback form.

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Comments are closed

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