Connecting to your Media on EveryBlock


One type of posting that appears on EveryBlock are Media Mentions. Media Mentions are links to neighborhood-specific articles or posts from sources like media organizations, community groups, government agencies, and local blogs. EveryBlock looks at location data within the posts, such as addresses, and sorts them into the proper neighborhood. You will only see Media Mentions that are relevant to the blocks, wards, neighborhoods or other locations you follow.

You’ll find links to articles that touch on everything from education to traffic patterns to events. And because communities are multi-faceted and diverse, we’ve been working hard to add new types of sources, such as museums, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Click here to learn more about Media Mentions.

We’re always looking for new and different sources of local information that would help users connect to their community. If you know of an organization whose stories should be included in Media Mentions, please let us know via our feedback form.

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