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Knowing what to share and not share in an EveryBlock post can be tricky sometimes, especially for new users. When communicating with other users via EveryBlock, it’s important to follow some basic guidelines.

Know what you are posting

It is important to specify the category when posting a neighbor message. This creates a more organized experience for all other EveryBlock users to view content based on their interests.


For an in-depth look at the different types of neighbor message categories, read our previous blog post.


If you post an event on behalf of a nonprofit or community organization, please be sure to list the organization at the top of your post, and include a link to the organization’s website if available. This allows staff to determine what posts are considered self-promotional advertisements. (We’ll explain more about advertisements in a future blog post).

Avoid Posting Personal Information

Do not post your personal information in a neighbor message or comment. This includes phone numbers, addresses, and emails, and can even include opinions that you don’t wish to be public Any information posted in a neighbor message or comment will be public for all users to see. EveryBlock threads are also searchable via the web. If you wish to provide personal information to another user, please do so “offline” via private message. However, giving contact info for a local business, if a user asks for recommendations in a specific area, is alright.

Feedback and Help pages

The EveryBlock Feedback Form and Help pages are good to review, even for seasoned users. You can find guidelines, sample posts, and further ways to interact with the EveryBlock community. (Try to get the Blockstar badge!)

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