Staying Civil on EveryBlock


Along with going off-topic and trolling, another issue that arises on EveryBlock is that even if the content of a comment is on-topic, a negative tone is just as alienating. Someone could post a logical answer to a query, or give sound information, but if that person comes off as rude or brusque, then readers might not even notice that they, in fact, answered the question. Good “netiquette” is an evolving process, but the main point is that, as with any dialogue, pay attention to not only what you say, but how you say it.

There’s an old, yet relevant New York Times op-ed on the power of internet comments. Check it out here:

We hope that conversations on EveryBlock will continue to help improve neighborhoods through the spread and discussion of local information. But remember to stay on-topic and stay civil. For more information on how to post, please visit our Comment Policy.

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