Reasons For Removal On EveryBlock


On EveryBlock, there are many reasons that might warrant the removal of a message or comment:

Harmful Material – including profanity, indecency, and things that create unnecessary panic

Inappropriate Content – racism, discrimination

Personal Attack – name-calling or disparaging another user in a public post

Spam – off topic posts, multiple posts of the same content

Repeatedly Flagged – multiple unneighborly votes

Advertisements – either for new businesses, existing businesses, or for-profit events

Libel – defamation by written or printed words

Privacy Violation – revealing another user’s personal information without their consent

Copyright Violation – reproducing or displaying a copyrighted work without permission

Please remember to abide by our Community Guidelines when posting. Violations of the Community Guidelines could result in suspension of your EveryBlock account.

If you see a message or comment that violates the Guidelines, including any of the above, please flag it using the Unneighborly button. At any time, you can let our staff know about any violations or further questions on our feedback page.

We appreciate your help in sharing the responsibility to make discussions on EveryBlock productive and beneficial to all who participate.

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