How to Publish on EveryBlock


If your organization or site is a publisher on EveryBlock, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your blog post or article will be seen as a media mention, and to get users to respond and comment on it.

1. Make sure you include an specific address, intersection, street block or neighborhood in the post. This allows EveryBlock’s geotagging capabilities to determine which locations on the site the article should be shown. Please note: posts that do not have any location information do not show up on EveryBlock.

2. Make sure your content is relevant to the area (street, neighborhood, Ward) to which your post is referring. EveryBlock users care about their neighborhoods; the people, places, and happenings. Also remember that good headlines, opening lines, and thoughtful content are important.

3. Use the site to engage residents and citizens. This will make them more likely to notice your content and to interact with you.

And, as always, in media mentions, EveryBlock only publishes the first paragraph, and always links back to the original article.

If you’d like to suggest a publisher show up as an EveryBlock media mention, please let us know via our Feedback Form, or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

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